In the same way that Riverdance represented the Celtic boom in the US, or Carlos in Spain, l’Héritage des Celtes (the Heritage of the Celts) were their French counterparts.

Riverdance was about Irish dancing renewed, Carlos explored the Celtic-Latin side and the Bretons improved the Interceltic idea getting all the Celts to play together.

Many of the artists were connected: Carlos had toured with The Chieftains at the same time that Jean Butler and Michael Flatley were their dancers; Ray Fean or Eoghan O’Neill played with Riverdance, later with the Heritage and later with Carlos; the same with Mairtin O’Connor and many others.

The Heritage project leader, Dan Ar Braz, invited la crème of Breton musicians, but also producer Dónal Lunny and his Irish musicians, Capercaillie from Scotland, etc. and an important part of the show was Bagad Kemper, the Breton version of a Scottish pipe band and they played in arenas.

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