The name of the CD comes from the Milky Way, the stars that guide the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, but also in dedication to the many friends and guests in this debut album.

That album went Platinum in Spain and created an unprecedented interest in Galician music, or better, in music from the North of Spain (or even in Spanish traditional music, apart from flamenco).
Carlos brought together the bagpipes and the flamenco guitar, somehow “rivals” representing the Northern and the Southern Spain.

It was The Chieftains who told Carlos that, being Spanish, he should play with flamencos, but even today that doesn’t happen; Galicians or Basques often play with the Irish and Scottish, but almost never with Andalusians.

This particular track brought together the Northern and Southern Spanish music for the first time, with Carlos and Basque accordion player Kepa Junquera, and flamenco guitarist Rafael Riqueni (member of the original Riverdance line up at that time) together as one.

The rhythm they play can be heard all over Spain, the Fandango in 3/4 time, with different accents depending on the regions and the instruments with which it is played.

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