Could there be Celtic music in Brazil?

The bagpipes were the fist European instrument to be played there for the Indians.

There were even African-Brazilian pipers

and bagpipes gave the name to their accordion

and most likely to some of their music.

There are many ancient remains within Brazilian culture: even the Portuguese spoken in Brazil is closer to the Galician language, than that of Portugal, being all originated in the medieval Galicia-Portuguese language.

A similar thing can be said about music.

Even the origin of the name of Brazil can be traced back to an Irish legend!

Nau Bretoa is a medley of those old Brazilian tunes from the North-East, the first area to be colonised, just where that first set of pipes had been played in 1500. It is played by Celtic instruments including a Scottish pipe band and accompanied by Brazilian percussion, including a escola de samba. It is called Nau bretoa (Breton carrack) name of the first boat to bring African slaves to Brazil and built in Breton shipyards in the same way as Columbus Santa Maria (originally A Gallega) was built in Galicia.

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