This is one of the most widely known and loved Galician songs, with its popularity extending even to the tastes of Bruce Springsteen, who chose the song to open his concert in Santiago (played by Roy Bittan on the accordion, with the crowd singing along). However, the song is no more than 50 years old, and was created by Galician immigrants in Latin America.

When Carlos performed it with the Chieftains in Texas and New Mexico, many Mexicans came backstage close to tears as they identified it with their home music, despite in being played with pipes and fiddles. In fact, there is even an old Mariachi tune called “Gaita”, (bagpipes) so who knows…

Except for the language (they ended up recording it in Spanish, not in Galician) it felt perfectly natural for Linda Ronstadt and Los Lobos.

That tune being part of The Chieftains Grammy award winning “Santiago” (for which Carlos was a honorary member of the band), it can be seen as a precedent to The Chieftains and Ry Cooder in more recent Irish Mexican album “San Patricio” in which Carlos participated too.

Please see video here (although neither Ronstadt, nor Núñez were there for that shooting).

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