If Yo Yo Ma dares to play Celtic music and Bela Fleck gives Bach´s cello suites a go on the banjo, why not try it on the pipes?

Of course there is more than that: Carlos always thought Bach’s famous Prelude had the same spirit as the Alborada pipe preludes. Years later he found out that Bach’s father was a piper! German Baroque composer Telemann wrote that the composer who was patient enough as to write down the pipers variations would have enough ideas for the rest of his life…

Some of Bach’s flute Partitas resemble a lot to this Prelude and flautists find them hard to play, because there are no gaps to breathe. So, from that point of view, the continuous sound of the pipes would be perfect for this music.

What is a real challenge is that the pipes represent the old modal non-tempered system, and Bach represents the well-tempered novelty, which makes this tune a tuning nightmare for a piper!

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