“You play the bagpipes like a gipsy!” An old gipsy woman exclaimed to Carlos Núñez after his performance with the late flamenco singer Enrique Morente and Tomatito at Garcia Lorca’s house in Granada.

Carlos had just released his first album, in which he brought together for the first time the bagpipes and the flamenco guitar.

However, there have always been exchanges, as Sabicas playing Galician tunes as encores - as Paco de Lucía told Carlos - or the famous “Farruca Dance” that is said to come from Galicia, but nobody ever had dared to play on the pipes.

These are Galician traditional pipe tunes but played with flamenco spirit and accompaniment by Juan Manuel Cañizares, Carles Benavent or Manuel Soler, that for years integrated Paco de Lucía’s band.

The track was produced by Dónal Lunny, as well as “O Cabalo Azul” (The Blue Horse) for the same album (Os Amores Libres). Dónal has since invited Carlos to many memorable events such as the end of the Millenium in Dublin and the Ryder Cup opening ceremony in which Carlos’s music “had the various Ryder Cup WAGs (wives and girlfriends) on their feet.” Please see video here.

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