A version of this tune was used by Carlos in the soundtrack to the newest creation of Brazilian contemporary dance company Grupo Corpo. Please watch video:

This track is an 18th Century Baroque composition that was found in a Mexican cathedral. Neither the name or the music leave any doubt, in typical Galician pipe music, starting with an alborada-prelude and then going into a dance that mixes 6/8 and 3/4, still the most characteristic rhythms, although separate most of the time. As we said, there is an old Mariachi dance called “Gaita” in 6/8 jig time. The characteristic, not only in Mexico but in all of Latin America is when both rhythms mix together, as in this tune. In Venezuela, they are called “Gaitas” too, and are played during Christmas.

You can hear a similar tune and arrangement by Hans Zimmer for the movie True Romance, in a version by Carlos on the whistle and his brother Xurxo on marimba.

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