“Are you Carlos Núñez? Hi, I’m Jackson Browne… I have your record!” I wasn´t expecting such an encounter on a slow day in the Barcelona Airport, but couldn´t have been happier to meet a talented musician who quickly grew into a great friend. Jackson is one of the kindest and most generous people I´ve ever met, and has taught me so much about the West Coast and his home state, California. This song is a live recording with Jackson and fellow Californian artist David Lindley from a concert at the Palace of Music in Barcelona, the same city where we first met.

This is how Carlos Núñez describes this recording with Jackson Browne. Years before, Browne had participated in one of Carlos’s albums singing a Garcia Lorca poem, accompanied by a Moroccan Sufi choir!

Browne loves Lorca and loves Spain’s cultural diversity, Galicia’s included. Lorca loved Galicia and used to singing Galician music. He found mysterious threads with the music of his own Granada. He even wrote 6 beautiful poems in the Galician language, one of which, “Danza da Lúa en Santiago,” is the one that Núñez and Browne chose to work with.

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